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  • MY Thoughts

    Broken homes, family devastated torn to pieces

    I ain’t ever had sh*t easy, Life’s hard

    So what stand tall grow up

    I’ve been doin time and lately I’m doin fine

    But sometimes it gets to me, life gets to stressin me

    And if there is a God he surely ain’t blessin me

    Obstacles, Trials, Tribulations, Finding Faith

    Not likely, Not like me

    To pretend to believe in parted seas

    But tell Moms I pray just to put her heart at ease

    Cursed to the life of Rejects, Outsiders and Bandits

    Did family abandon me?

    My life’s a beautiful tragedy

    And Tragically

    Me thinkin of success is probably blasphemy

    Perpetual placement of people, who comes here after me?

    This Prison is a factory and They’re manufacturing

    Revolving doors so I’ll be here after me

    Found the route I’m supposed to take it was scenic

    But I rise from the ashes of my Destroyed life like the Phoenix