Mark Anthony Grayned's Poetry


    When I look in your eyes I can see the pain of a million sad songs unsung, the shadow of tormenting memories, the woe of knowing no remedies & the humbling desolation created by being acquainted with the lonely numeral one.


    In them beneath the cloak of contentment I notice the true burden of sorrow you bare,

    I can see thousands of days of loneliness suffered within your unfocused lost in thought glare’s.


    Deep within your eyes I sense the anguish of abandonment when love was so strongly believed,

    So may conflicting emotions so many promises broken I sense your hope slowly dying being consumed by fatigue.


    Revealed within your distant gaze is the weakness of depression contending with the relentless strength of the soul,

    Your eyes display the wasted passion from the past along with the glint of anticipation for the future & all that they could ever behold.


    In them I see no surrendering from your lionsheart still fighting a battle it feels has long been lost,

    Knowing complete submission means to admit whats missing & begin living with the emotionally bankrupting cost.

    When I peer deep into your eyes the haze lifts from my sight & my vision becomes clear,

    Then I finally understand that its not you I see its me just standing in front of a different mirror…


                        Mark Anthony Grayned