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  • Benevolence & Faith

    Benevolence & faith it takes

       for friendships forged anew,

    The mysteries of destiny

       then come gradually into view,

    When the Universe has crossed out paths

       & our stars have been aligned,

    We’ll find if all has been in vain

       or is righteous & divine,

    For time reveals the truth of things

       & the contents of our heart,

    And none can forge the signature

       of what united souls impart,

    So let us walk in harmony

       & in accordance of one mind,

    And purity will lead us

       to a sub consciousness sublime,

    With faith of something great

       on the horizon of our lives,

    Benevolent, a factor

       on which every blessing thrives,

    Combine the two in tandem

       & refrain to let them frail,

    And the beauty in the promise

       of our friendship shall prevail.


             By: J. Romero