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  • True Happiness

    I miss the burn of your love, I miss embracing your touch, the softness of your voice, your hands, your lips as we kissed (passionately), the feelings I feel that bring back feelings that never left, (memories)... As we become one under the moon, the stars, the atmosphere pain is love and love is pain, it allows me to hurt in order for me to love again.. Sometimes I can't breathe from the lack of love in my own heart, from my own insecurities, Plz for give me, as I for give myself for failing you, I ask myself who made you, who built you, where did you come from to make me feel this way, Appreciation is given for it is past due, I bleed out emotions as my art cuts deep, As I lay in bed reminiscing, thoughts of you thoughts of flowers, rainy days turn into sunny days sunny days turns into an eclipse, Patiently waiting for you to arrive, my eyes stare into the sky, lust nor infatuation indicate indications, its fictional non factual actually casually romantically true bliss, but with you it was different, everytime you smile it reminds me of something I stole from myself...