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  • Tonight In My Dream

    Closed my eyes last night, had such an amazing dream

    It was the most unusual thing that I had ever seen

    Rising from my sleep, I saw you standing there

    You walked over then sat beside me as my eyes then shed a tear

    Pulling me close you whispered softly, stay calm it’s just I

    God sent me to keep you company, so please don’t cry

    Placing my arms around you, you gently caressed my face

    Wiping away the tears causing a smile to take their place

    We talked throughout the night, sharing our hopes and dreams

    Now I’m convinced within my mind that you and I could be a team

    Our conversation was the greatest, and the mood was so right

    Everything just seemed perfect until you suddenly vanished from my sight

    Immediately a cool breeze, was then felt on the skin of my face

    Reminding me of the reality that I’m still stuck in this place

    My dream was so real, that I almost forgot

    Now I’m sitting here thinking, going over my thoughts

    If our dreams we believe in then we’re sure to find

    Our dreams could come true... but only in God’s time

    So my angel don’t ever feel like I’ll be locked away forever

    Because “tonight in my dream”, you and I will be together


    By Antonio Norman (1-5-2017)