Don Collins's Poetry

  • Being Not Human

    B E I N G   N O T   H U M A N


    In the beginning, an environment of diversified culture, scrupulous and conscientious faithful religious beliefs and a handful of birth developmental characteristic abnormal defects that in all, form ages of a civilization for existence in the now, and future unpredicted or unknown consequences.


    A wiser being reaches the fruit of hope, while the lower unwilling, adventurous-not may be behind a cloud of evil.  Let that choice sit with you instead of from obnoxious know-it-alls.


    Whether your German, Italian, of Hispanic origin, whether succumbed in anger or argument, passive or instill compassion, whether driven to conquer, or idled to just get by, you have purpose, you have the conscious to belong or be apart,  make your choice stand firm, for time knows not when to stop.  Let moral standards guide in your choice, and keep impulse thoughts and actions behind you.


    Strive for high ideals and guard against the fast and the furious.  The planet thrives on trickery and grows on deceptive false hope.


    For in the end of time what have you sacrificed in Not Being Human, or accomplished with peace of mind in Being Human.


    Don Collins