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  • A Scarlet Rose

    A scarlet rose stands

    Impeccable in shadows deliverance.

    A posture of elegance in

    Realms of hindrance

    The dawning of a new day rises

    Upon its celestial existence

    Must I submit to the days

    Fatigue and the gravitational pull of

    Comfortable sleep.

    Under the night’s full moon

    Diminishing its entity all too soon.

    Left to bask in the magnificent

    Essence of its presence, in the present


    Subconsciously imbedded

    Amongst the senses

    A scarlet rose leaves one

    Frozen in repose consumed with


    Must I imagine the possibility of

    Opportunity sustained in the wake of

    Inevitable circumstance.

    Paradise lost in consumption of

    Lost hope.

    A scarlet rose grows in a field

    Of solitudes silence

    A mesmerizing miracle

    Transpired in the confines of darkness.

    A scarlet rose that grows if you

    Look within you’ll find it.


    Beauty is an image of perception

    Based on perspective.

    But what good are thoughts and

    Feelings without seizing the moment to

    Express them.


    “Gangster’s Touch”

    Fall 2016