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Synopsis - Keyshawn and Daquan Daniels are two troubled teens determined to make it big in the streets - by any means necessary. Keyshawn used his wit, arrogant demeanor, and his earnings from his prior heists to form a ruthless gang that terrorized Cincinnati’s entire Tri-State area. Daquan, on the other hand, has robbed and killed since he was eleven-years-old. Daquan helped established and run the No Sleep Gangsta’s with his older brother. With Keyshawn behind bars, all the decision-making falls in Daquan’s lap. Trigger is Keyshawn’s right-hand man and a top lieutenant in their organization of ruthless dope slingers. These ruthless dope slingers use intimidation, assaults, and murder to control their drug turf. They will stop at nothing to advance in the drug underworld of organized crime. The only thing standing in their way is Greed, Betrayal, Power and Murder… The Cincinnati Jack Boys is a must read. Ride with Author Shawn McDaniel’s as he takes you on one wild literary adventure. Contact Us: NSG Publications PO BOX 31303 Cincinnati, OH 45231 Facebook-Shawn Mcdaniel, INSTAGRAM - NSGPUBLICATIONS 45219, Website:
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