Texas Prisons for Dummies

  • Finally, I’m off close custody, where I’ve spent the last 18 months, and on my way to medium custody.  Due to prison overcrowding, I’m waiting on transit for a house.  While here on transit, I’ve talked to a lot of inmates who aren’t very knowledgeable as to how the system really works, as well as their families being uncertain how to proceed when problems arise.


    Thus, I’ve had the idea to write a sort of “Texas Prisons for Dummies”.  This would be for new inmates, their families, as well as all those on the outside.  A book such as this would eliminate the vast chasm between what prison authorities say and how the system really is.


    I would like to hear from interested people who have questions or stories of their experiences.  I’m just collecting research now but hope to begin the book by mid-2014 or early 2015.