Post a Prisoner here on Prison Inmates Online

Post a prisoner on for just $40.00 per year. Once you post the profile online, you will be able to login, manage and maintain the profile for the entire year. With a profile your inmate friend or family member will receive exposure on the internet that they could not get from inside the prison. Potential pen pals will be able send messages directly through the profile page that our staff will print and send those messages to the inmate in bulk once a week.

Please Note: Any changes that the inmate wants made to their profile will have to be provided by you. You are the sole person in charge of this account. Prison Inmates Online does not provide any updates to these profiles. You are also responsible for following any rules set in place by the prison the inmate is located in as well as the Terms of Service of this website.

Message Service: If the inmate is located in a prison that does not allow 3rd Party Mail, then the Message Service will not be provided as it will get the inmate in trouble. Please select NO to the question regarding Message Service on the application form.


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