Hot and Sexy!

  • Do you know what’s so hot and sexy?  I love to watch those hot guys on the yard play handball, volleyball, basketball, sweaty and sexy in all their manliness!


    I love to watch them when we strip down to go back into the building, beautiful smooth bodies, glistening.  Small feet, high arches, hot used gym clothes clutched in hands, muscles shiny with perspiration.  What a hot sexy guy!


    If you have a thing for hot sexy inmates with hot used gym clothes, let me hear from you.  I think there’s nothing hotter than to get these clothes from these guys – I beg to wash them – after a few days, of course!  I have access to gym shorts, t-shirts, socks, boxers, sometimes shoes.  These can be from me or my hot sexy friends.


    Hit me back if you like what I like.  I’d LOVE to hear from you!