Hello again Dear Ladies!

  • Hello again Dear Ladies!  I being in San Diego, CA, am wanting you to be special.  I think special can sparkle when it’s inclusive and exclusive, and new.  The thought of someone making my day, brighter in here in this challenging environment, has my senses optimistic, but unfulfilled like a subscription to a favorite comeback magazine.  I’ve been in this progressing, but for a long time, but short fast 29 years.  I trust I can share honestly, that it has blown by.  I still need someone to help me study my craft, which is entrepreneurship:  specifically music and writing, which alludes to my 25 page copyright short story.  It’s not a coincidence that I write, and you may equate that with wanting to connect with nature more, but I write sci-fi because I want to have knowledge when needed to be resourceful.  I’m black, Saudi Arabian, and Mohatuk Indian.


    Speaking of libraries.  I have a background of being well read, and well rounded at times.  I grew up in New York, tried out for the Cowboys of Dallas, and was a very good football player.  I grew up in a semi single parent home.  My father went on to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  (Whom I met at 20 years old.)


    In 1975 I was valedictorian of my fifth grade class.  I went on in football concerns to play for Bayside High School and was captain of the team as a senior; our high school won the N.Y.C. city championship 11 times in 13 years.  I had a ½ scholarship to college in Arkansas for a small school, had my name and picture in the paper down south there, for a game.  My frat brother was drafted by the Washington Redskins.  He was also my “line” brother.  I am a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity.  I took the test for the U.S. Army but failed in 1990.