“FRAME”:  (30)  “To rig events or evidence so as to make a (40) person appear guilty.”


    FRAMED best described what had occurred in (50) my wrongful conviction.  The documented evidence that was deliberately withheld, (60) which I later discovered, only after years of persistence, with (70) a “never give up attitude”, unequivocally supports my position that (80) I have been framed, all at the hands of unjust (90) individuals whom were in control of the American Lady’s scale (100) of “justice”.


    Despite the fact, over endless long years, even (110) before I had gain access to the withheld evidence, I (120) have written numerous news media outlets, including the Grand Rapids (130) Press; wrongful conviction organizations, like the late great Rubin “Hurricane” (140) Carter’s “Association in Defense of Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC): Honorable Janet (150) Reno and her Administration at the United States Department of (160) Justice; three Michigan State Governors (by letters and via Applications (170) for Pardons), and still multitude of others, whom would hear (180) my plight, only to unsuccessfully receive assistance in regaining my (190) freedom.  Now, I’m compelled to take my ordeal to the (200) public – “THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION: and ask for your (210) assistance in the transparent “Miscarriage of Justice”.


    The documents that (220) you’ll review, will reveal how both the State and defense (230) attorneys went on a campaign [including, writing my mother, and (240) falsely inform her that she wasn’t entitled to my police (250) files – which compelled me to file a complaint to a (260) state senator regarding the matter, and my ex-trial attorney, who (270) illegally attempted to extort me out of a $150.00 to (280) receive my file that he received “free”], in keeping me (290) from discovering what I have been screaming from DAY ONE:  (300) “I’M BEING FRAMED!!!”.


    For example, why withhold the fact that (310) the gun(s) discovered to have been used in the Neland (320) Case {the case I’ve been convicted of [“WHICH IS THE (330) DNA OF THIS CASE”]}, was discovered to have been involved (340) in the Fair Street (340) shooting, and those involved in that (350) shooting, had possession of the gun(s) the day of the (360) Neland case?


    Detective James Grable, at trial, falsely testified he (370) was unable to link the gun back from the individual (380) who was arrested with the gun, when in fact, he (390) had: to Carl Powell and Trent Chambliss.


    Further damaging, is (400) the fact, the Michigan State Police’s Forensic Division, who discovered (410) the gun(s) being involved in booth shootings, had revealed their (420) finding in the Fair Street Reports (LABORATORY NO.:  32190-94), but (420) deliberately failed to cite their findings in the Neland Reports (440) (LABORATORY NO.: 32188-94) – even though they conducted their tests the (450) same dates.


    After my discovery, I filed a complaint to (460) the Michigan State Police regarding this matter, and the detectives (470) testifying falsely at trial.


    Next, why cover-up the fact Detective (480) Grable illegally showing my photo to victim witnesses, and when (490) an eyewitness testify to that fact, the transcript of hers (500) and Judge’s statements are altered.  When I discovered the alteration, (510) I’m denied an opportunity from Judge Benson (Judge Markey’s father-in-law) (520) to hear the tape for correction.  [NOTE:  Newsome v. McCabe, 319 F.3d at 306-06 (7th cir. 2001) revealed the facts (540) in the chances of three eyewitnesses identifying the same person.] (550)


    It’s never revealed that eyewitnesses identified other suspects, including one (560) Detective Grable labeled as a suspect, despite the fact, courts (570) {i.e. Ferensic v. Birklett, 501 F.3d 469, 482-83 [6th cir. (580) 2007]} recognized that eyewitnesses’ identification is most unreliable and major (590) factor of overturned convictions.


    Finally, my brother’s false confession, and (600) the fact Detective Crum lied under oath, in how he obtained (610) the statement from my brother [who stated he requested an (620) attorney, but his judge, at a hearing ruled that his (630) statement was voluntarily given], which cause my trial judge to (640) second guess the use of the statement in my separate (650) trial. 


    In an Op-Ed article, by Marla Mitchell-Cichon, Director of (660) Michigan’s  Innocence Project [that was prepared in the wake of (670) Claude McCollum’s wrongful conviction, who, just as  my brother, made (680) a false confession], she acknowledged the issue of false confessions. (690)


    In closing, I’m not claiming to be a Saint, but (700) don’t frame me for something you know we didn’t do. (710)


    I’m not interested in me, personally, receiving any money, from (720) anyone.  I’m just asking the World to aid me in (730) “anyway” that would ultimately regain our freedom, via courts or pardon.


    If you have any questions please contact me.  THANKS!!  :)  (750)