Blog 2

  • In the wake of the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Marlon Brown and Tamir Rice – all at the hands of the police, the American citizens are rightfully upset as they protest in the fact that those responsible has not been charged for their murders.

    But that shouldn’t be a surprise, as this has been America’s infamous “JUST-US” system since the institution of American Slavery, and through the Civil Rights Era, which birth the Black Panther Party in response to police brutality across America.


    Just as society’s citizens, incarcerated citizens are unjustly abused by prison employees as well, including myself.

    Over my years of incarceration, I have been falsely accused, and recently, been assaulted by a guard with a Taser – which totally false misconduct report was written to cover-up their actions.  (See Posted Misconduct Reports).


    I have written a manuscript that I would like for you to read, please.