• MR. KENNETH COLVIN, JR. (#192744)

    BLOG #3




    I’m asking for your assistance in helping me find several witnesses that were concealed in my criminal case that I’d posted in the “LEGAL DOCUMENT SECTION”.


    When you review that section, you’ll see numerous names  (which includes: Carl Powell (Page 90), Trent Chambliss (95), Kenney Carter (99), Charles Robinson (101) – each had possession of the murder weapon; Willie Meadows (171), Calvin Jones (175), Carolyn Glasper (177) – each had stated that Tarron Johnson/Thames Hawkins had committed the crime; Alfreda Pettway – her daughter stated that she actually seen the shooters and knew them from Grand Rapids (180); Tarron Johnson (193) – individual who stated that he and others had committed the crime; Terry Coger (224) and Kevin Coger – both heard gunshots and seen victims immediately run from the house) that will provide information in assisting me in proving my innocence, and ultimately, regaining my freedom.


    I will need a private investigator to question and gather pertinent information from them to later present to the courts, in order to obtain evidentiary hearings.


    It is totally impossible for me to locate these witnesses (or other viable evidence, for that matter) because of my incarceration, and limited, or absolutely no access to the internet, or access to society.  That’s why I’m requesting for your assistance in finding these witnesses.


    The listed witnesses, once you read their Investigative Notes, along with the Opening Statement (Page 12-21) and Closing Argument (22-37) in the Legal Document Section, if presented to my jury, I would had been acquitted of all the charges.


    Both the prosecutor, the detectives, and my former state-appointed attorney were aware of this.


    In closing, I’m simply requesting your assistance, and I want to thank you in advance for taking my case into consideration.