Blog 8-14-17

  • Hello, just me again, so how are you feeling today? If you are fine…then alright Laughing, per, si no…then I hope you will feel better after reading this.  On the 22nd of June I got a few stitches in my left arm…hey, did I ever tell you prison is a dangerous place Laughing?!  Anyway, I was reading about a study done on wolves and what I read I found very interesting, you might want to check it out when you get back to surfing the net.


    So, I was reading “Franchise Bible,” a tell all book about franchising (my future pursuit); yesterday and a great song came on the radio.  John Legend has a song came on the radio.  John Legend has a song with Andre 3000 called “Green Light” and the hook reeled me out of my studies.  It goes “I’m ready to go right now!”  So, I thought mentally…I am ready to endure, and strive for the endeavors that come with life in the free world.  All the “ships” and what comes with them.  Physically…I am ready to put my energy, and strength into my destined coursed, and to put this prison system behind me.  Not forgetting, yet putting it away.  Plus my spirit is ready to feel the outstanding energy and openness of people on the open horizons.  I’m ready to go right now because I’ve learned the respect of others, respect for all life, and the limitless progress of artfulness.


    2:45am Door, crack, window…where do the secrets of the most desired things dwell for all mankind to find?  Hey, should I really be caring about them or should I be more focused on my destiny?


    10:40am Well, I hope you are aware of the flare that you might experience when you feel good!