Dear Kristine, My Lovely Daughter;

  • I hope someday you're willing and able to read this short blog. I truly am very sorry for everything I've done. I wasn't a good father to you, I lead a very irresponsible, self-indulging life, and I destroyed the lives of many innocent young people.


    Since I've come to my senses many years ago, I've tried my darnest to change myself for the better and reach out to you, despite the predicament I'm currently in. But lately, the demons in this place have gotten the best of me and now I have to say goodbye.


    I truly do love you. I hope you can someday forgive me. Most of all, I hope you have a very successful and happy life, wherever you happen to be!


    Take care, my love. May God and all the Goddesses bless you and watch over you with love and kindness.


    Paul Nyhan