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                                                            " LONG AMERICAN/ZIONIST HOLLYWOOD FILMS "

                                                                         "   HOOKS AGAINST REALITY "

                                                                " DIRTY CONSPIRACY; NEED DIRTY HANDS "


    Esteemed Followers,


    I am no longer writing, as in my many previous article's series (1 to 11, from June 13th., till the end of November 2011); about my case. There are more important things to write about, to what had been happening in my beloved country 'SYRIA', and, the hands of evils who was at play, dreaming in dividing us (SYRIANS). "GOD PROTECT SYRIA".


    The blood money "PETRO-DOLLARS", from the 'GOLF-ARABS, so called rulers; with few deserted Syrian Traitors, working

    hand in gloves with their masters, devised employment of a dirty conspiracy against my beloved "SYRIA". Which,  started 2003 with the invasion of 'IRAQ' on false assumptions!.


    Read the secret "WIKI-LEAKS" Telegram dated (December 13., 2006), sent to Washington, by the American Ambassador in Damascus Mr. Robert Ford, "known as the "Mr. Death Squad,jr",  saying:

    "... Asking additional multilateral pressure on Syria and president Assad; which will lead him to make mistakes. That will provide America opportunities we need to be ready to move quickly...".


    I was the first victim in (2007) for not only refusing taking part, also, exposing it publicly. Proudly now, paying my life for it!

    Go to my interview with Spanish Marbella Newspaper "SIETE DIAS", MAY 17th.,2007 (few weeks before my Sting Operation),

    me saying on the first page head line :


    This article was used at my fake trial in New York, in 2007-2008 [EXHIBIT # 418].

    Also, go to my two interviews from prison with the Spanish Magazine- Madrid  " VANITY FAIR ", on Sept. 2014 & May 2017 .


    Read the  "WIKI-LEAKS" discovered secret Telegrams dated (December 13th., 2006) sent to Washington by the American Ambassador in Damascus Mr. ' Robert Ford ' known as the Mr. " DEATH SQUAD,jr ", Saying:

    "... Asking for additional multilateral pressure on 'SYRIA' and president 'ASSAD'  which will lead him to make mistakes. That will provide America opportunities, we need to be ready to move quickly... ".


    The Saudis/Qataris, and, Turkey, started sending their blood money, and, weapons to their agents in Syria, with the approval and  support of the  traitorous ' Midget; so called king Abdullah of Jordan " from the South, and "Tayyep Arrogant-of Turkey" from the North of Syria.  Of course, behind the scene, the CIA - FBI - DEA, with their dirty tricks orchestrating the conspiracy; behind them the American/Western fake media, applauding/drumming, for the so called " Free Syrian Army ".


    With no shame, in July 2011, the  king of traitors, so called "Abdullah Ben Hussein", sent his head of security "Mohamed -Al-Rakkad" to Damascus with a message  "... Syria must obey the American/Qataris, and the Western demands.... If not; Jordan will join them with the military forces operation into Syria".


    Syria, Sent the hero, First General  (Assef- Abu Ziead)  "God rest his soul in peace" to Amman on Saturday, October 1st., 2011, personally to return the message into the face of "Abdullah", without even sitting, telling him:

    " Syria will rain Jordan with 'Scud Missiles'  if they joined those evil military forces..." ; and went back to Syria. This incident cost the hero "Abu Zeiad", and other high commandos of the Syrian military, their life's in a cowardly attack in July 2012, organized by the well known  C.I.A. Agent, Saudis Prince "BANDER", which his Mobs also carried out the killing of so many  innocent Syria people; like the son of the "Syrian Grand Mufti ",  'Saria Hassoun'; innocent young student he was coming back from his University in 'Idlib" on October 2ed., 2011.


    Voracious fake prejudiced media campaign against Syria lasted till July 2011. The Saudis, cowardly, withdrew their Ambassador from Syria on October 23rd., 2011,  and he made the statement, saying: " ... Syria, should think wisely before it down pulled into the depths of  'TURMOIL' , and, loss " .


     Also, the  U.S. America Ambassador in Damascus at that time, ' Robert Ford ', known by " the death squad, jr" followed suit in October 24th, 2011, after his unlawful inciting visit to the city of 'Hamah". This evil visit was protested by the Syrian people, throwing at him eggs and tomatoes.


    Pay attention to, how the former C.I.A. led officer " Michael Sheue " described this Saudi  Ambassador's evil visit to the City of Hamah as:  " an Inciting Visit."


    This staged organized uprising in the city of  ' Daraa ' , was only Act-1... Scene-1...; for some locals in the street of 'Daraa' who were unaware of their participation in a C.I.A. Hollywood production! Only, to be followed up by sending hundreds of paid, foreign, and local mercenaries, facilitating them, entering in to Syria illegally, from the south near ' Daraa ', coming from Jordan's " King Hussien Air base- Al-Mafraq "; with weapons giving to them from the C.I.A. office in Jordan. The U.S. government has closed ties to so called king of Jordan. All these weapons brought ' Stock-Piles ' from Libya, with the help of the Turkish ' Gladis-Unit ' in 2011. It was planed production team between U.S.A., United Arab Emeriti, NATO, Turkey, Jordan, and Israel.


    The well known facts are:  Syrian society at that time is the most tolerant society in the Middle East. The one place where all kind of people live together in remarkable harmony, Muslims and Christians of all kind!


    We all remember, What Ms. 'Clinton' said about the so called 'Arabs Spring', described it as: "Progressive Chaos". Which mean, " Divide and Chaos ".   Clinton failed, and, this dirty conspiracy against Syria, and, my beloved people; proved to be doomed, and, failed.


    This is the reflection, of how America wants to restore hegemony and dominance in this world; using, bullying tricks. Attack first, and, then blame the victim " SHOCK AND AWE ".  ' IRAQ , and Syria ' are the best example!


    Sir. ' Richard Dearlove ', who was the head of the British Secret Service " MI6 ", from, 1999-2004.  Was told by the Saudi's prince 'Bender Ben Sultan', who was former Saudi Ambassador to Washington. Later on, he was the head of the General Saudis National Security Counsel. Then, head of the Saudis General Intelligence, from 2012 - 2014. Sir Dearlove, reported what the prince told him: "... The time is not far off from the Middle East".  Sir. Richard Dearlove commented after that: " These words constituted  chilling comments, that I remember very well indeed".


    Prince ' BANDER ' in 2010, said to the US. Secretary of State " John Kerry ": (... Saud Arabia has retaken in leadership role in past months, guiding help to the so called Syrian Armed Rebels.


    The so called defense minister of "Israel - Moshe Ya'alon" said in July 2015: " Israel has been providing aid to Syrian rebels.


    Also, with no shame, the so called Free Syrian Army Commander " Sharif As-Safori " in recorded video, admitted saying:

    "... he collaborated with Israel in return for military and medical help support, and, admitting visiting Israel 5 times to meet the Israeli's officers, who provided him with Soviet Anti Tank weapons, and light arms, in return of protection for Israel; and he promised Israel  to give up claim to the  "Golan Heights " in return for cash and military support against president Assad.


    Thousands of paid mercenaries came to Turkey from all over the world, transited by Turkey, to wave terror in Syria in the name of so called " JIHAD IN SYRIA ". Turkish security service ' MIT ' set up a fast system to supply weapons and funds, mainly paid by Qatar - U A E - and Saudis; supervised by the C.I.A. .  In 2014 they sent a train to ' DAESH '  weapons, and , Toyota  Pick-ups. Also, In the same year, head of Pentagon Defense Intelligent Agencies said on TV. " ...Yes, we created  'ISIS '  and we used them as henchmen to over throw ASSAD.  Classified agreement between Turkey- C.I.A. and  so called Syrian rebels (Traitors) create ' Ray Line ', was a covert network used to channel weapons from Libya through South Turkey, and, across the Syrian boarder.  Funding was provided by Saudis - Qatar and Turkey.


    Former C.I.A. officer " Clare Lopez " said on MailOnline; "... America allowed to send one Billion dollars from Arab Emaret to Libya (Al Qaeda) to outset Kaddafi; Also, C.I.A. filed in 2013-2015, in launching program, trying to push president Assad from power, in training 10,000 mercenaries near the city of Plovdiv- Bulgaria "near the Turkish Border". They lost several US. trainee officers and contractors during the training.


    With all these 'Atrocities' against Syria.  The honest heroism of the real Syrian army, together with the resilience people of Syria, forced all those conspirators to gather their defeats, with their hands full of blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrian peoples; to say now:" Europe and America support president Assad to stay. "Francois Holand" of France said:

    "... we have to embrace president " Bashar Al-Assad ". The foreign minister of Germany, and Britain, informed Iran:             "... they accept president Assad to stay ".   IT'S REALLY COMICS!.


    " Damascus - Syria, the Syrian people, and president ' BACHAR AL-ASSAD'; with the army behind them, hold place of honor ".

                                                      YES,   "  'GOD IS GREAT ' - RESPITE, BUT NOT NEGLECT "


    See, what's going on now in Saud Arabia, Qatar...they are now started, paying, for their heavy debts of their "HEINOUS CRIMES", against Syria, and the Syrian people!!.


    Be sure: King, Crown prince, Princes. Crimes, dirty money, Ignorance, reckless, perfidious, swagger, wealth; is not bliss! If it's combine with power become " A TOXIC MIX ".


    ISRAEL, supported the "COUP", and, Crown prince " MOHAMED BEN SALMAN", in sending to Saudi Arabia 18 Fighter Jets, including Two Gulfstream- F16-F16CD-F15CD-Two C130 Electronic war fair planes; To block his cousin "MOHAMED BEN NAIF", and his supporters objections. To see now, Crown prince ' M.B.S.' not only arresting all his opponents, also, the prime minister of Lebanon ( SAAD HARIRI), who was their closest allies!.


    Yes, So called King Salman.The day of judgment/history, will hold you accountable with your cronies, for the blood shed in my beloved country SYRIA!


    SALMAN: Remember your recent comments on Syria, and on the Syrian people, during the recent visit of president "TRUMP", saying with no shame, when the reporter asked you life on the CNN, replying: "SYRIA AND THE SYRIAN PEOPLE; DESTROYED THEMSELVES".


    It's the same " B.S.", you said in Marbella-Spain in the Summer 2006, about the Lebanese people during the Israelis invasion to Lebanon, to a young girl who came to ask you to support the festival for the victory of the people of Lebanon on that war. Telling her:  " YOU THE LEBANESE PEOPLE, WHO BROUGHT THIS WAR TO YOURSELVES ".


    Here I am now, saying to you, and, to your cronies:  " WHAT GOES AROUND; COMES AROUND ".


    MONZER ALKASSAR- SYRIAN POLITICAL HOSTAGE. # 61111-054 - C.M.U. MARION, Illinois 62959- U.S.A.

    On Friday, November 11th., 2017.