• Miles Copeland, ex- C.I.A. Official, He wrote a famous book in 1969, called " Nation's Prank, "instinctively, games". Said:
" America cognized all nation(s) game, in 3rd. World Countries. They mix Political Patriots with Political treacheries because

    all are patronized to pass under the American C.I.A. Hands. "Every evil symptom (i.e. events); America is behind it. None can defeat America".

    I agree with him, except for the last four words: "... NONE CAN DEFEAT AMERICA." Maybe, What Copland wrote was good fifty years ago. Surely. If Copland was to write his book today, it would not include the last four words.

    America, started to be defeated morally (with all those sexual abuse cases, from top to bottom). Actually, America will be defeated within. America also, for the last two decades suffered military defeats in many places, AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ, IRAN, LEBANON, SOMALIA, and soon, in Saud Arabia, and the Petro-Dollars Countries.

    We can all see now, the American defeat in solving the problem of South Korea and, Yemen. Their biggest defeat now, took place in SYRIA and LEBANON. They were betting on the wrong donkey ' SAUDI ARABIA' and, the so called Crown Prince M.B.S.(Mohamed Bull ****)., whom, with no shame visiting the enemies."So called Israel ", and inviting them to protect him openly. I will not be surprise of him opening an Embassy for them in 'MECCA'.

    America now again, Conspiring after their big defeat, hand in glove, with Israel, and, the losing donkey, against Syria, Lebanon, and, the Palestinian People. Moving their Evil Embassy, from so called 'Tel Aviv', to the" Holly Land Jerusalem"; To incite more violence in the Middle East, and to cover up for their defeats!

    Good luck President "Trump", and, your fake Son in Law Jerrod Kushner. You are running away from your real scandals here in America, and from all these real accusations of sexual Harassment, abusing women, lying to the American People, and more to come... But, don't use the Palestinian People as a " Scape Goat ".

    What about you 'Traitor", so called King Abdullah of Jordan!!. Your crying in your recent visit to America, asking them for protection from your neighboring Country, will not save you for your crimes in participating with the enemies of the Syrian people and, destroying my beloved country Syria. The blood shed of the Syrian innocent people are still on your dirty hands, until the day of "Judgment" . The history will not forget you, when you sent your head of security to Damascus in (2012), threatening, and asking Syria to obey the demands of America, and the west, otherwise, you are going to join their evil forces; which you really did!. I am sure, you still remember me in Marbella!. Of course, the words of the Syrian Hero 'Abu Zieyad' are, still in your ears, when he passed them to you in your office in Amman; in reply to your threat!!

    Don't worry Traitor: our real Syrian people, are "Good, Human". Be sure, our great first lady Ms. 'Asmaa' Al Akhras Al-Assad';
when the time come, she will call your wife "Rania" and, offer her safety, and protection for her, and, her children in SYRIA,

    and no need to cry! America will not save you, and, already have thrown you under the bus, with the rest of the traitors. Learn from the history " What Goes around; comes around ".

    Be sure Mr. President Trump. ISRAEL, learned their lesson in South Lebanon 2006; and they will never dare to do it again!.

    Yes, Now Israel is taking advantage of the Syrian situation, but not for too long!!.

    Even, their best allies in Europe are not happy with their old dirty games, which prove to be a toxic mix. They are doomed to fail in their new dirty games; bullying, divide and Chaos, Attack and AWE! And, sending their death squad(s).

    Here Today. Their closest Ally, England, the Prime Minister Ms.Teresa May, including the Mayor of London Mr. Khan has made it, emphatically, clear "President Trump, you are not welcome in our Country ( England)!".

    One thing that will probably save America , if they think wisely, and not to think themselves as Superiors of the world; move away from " JUST........ US. To, A REAL JUSTICE ". First. Giving justice to their own people and, then, to the rest of the world. Of course that will be the " Eight Wonder of the World".

    And this failure, extended, politically, and economically where dealing with Canada, Mexico and, especially, to China, who is owed 23 Trillion, with a capital "T" Dollars, from America. " WAIT TILL THE **** HIT THE FAN ".

    It took Prince "Charles of England" time to blame European Jews for the Mideast Crises. He had made an assessment of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in a letter to his close friend ' Laurens Van Post' saying: " I now appreciate that it is the influx of European, Foreign Jews which has helped to cause great problems"; and, hope for the U.S. President would " have the courage to stand up and take on the ' Jewish Lobby' ".

    What a shame today, seeing president 'Trump' declaring, and ordering his Embassy to be moved to Jerusalem.

    Even, the "Peace Group", which monitors Israelis settlement in the West Bank sounded the alarm of " UNPRECEDENTED" developments in the settlements (in the past few months), causing sever damages to any chance of peace settlement because, plans have been advanced for 6,742 new settler homes in 2017, with 3,154 construction tenders being issued.

    Yes. Lebanon, Palestinian, with Syria, and their allies are preparing, and ready for any Zionist/Israeli invasion; in case they didn't learn their lesson from the invasion of Lebanon in the summer of 2006, and ready to humiliate you again!

    I was really proud hearing and reading , the head of the Lebanese Army asking his military to be on "Full Readiness" to face the Israeli enemy at the south border. And, more proud to read President "Michel Aoun" statement saying: " Israel targeting still continues and it is the right of the Lebanese to resist it and foil it's plan by all available means". And caution Tel Aviv : "Lebanon is ready to act, but will do it's utmost to prevent a war exactly because Lebanon is to win it".

    Yes, Lebanon and the people of Lebanon, the only country which ever won a war about the ' KIKES". At least since, like, in Roman Time, in 2006, they did it! Since then, the "Evil Israelis Ratlike" have been itching for a revenge ever since.

    It seems with the present situation, and after defeating the enemy of Syria, and the Syrian people . The ' KIKES' and their henchmen trying to push back against the Syrian victory. Israelis thinks an opportunity for a revenge and maybe war soon going to present itself.

    "GOD SPEED", LEBANON, SYRIA and the free world by fighting the invasion of the ' KIKES' head-on, you give all of 'goyomdom' a chance to live vicariously through your struggle!.