• "TO THE STAR ON HER PATH": I bow down to "AHED TAMIMI; 16 years old Palestinian Icon Stones Thrower"; who encounter the kike's rifle slapped the kike on his face to save a child from his hand last Dec.19.  Proudly now facing trial at 'Aufer' military court. YES!! Our young girls like Ahed Tamimi are our hope to raise many "SALAH EDDIEN".

    Shame on you "Ben Caspen" A Kike's Journalist encouraging the Kike's Army, saying: "Next time" the price for this slap is, to rape "Ahed Tamimi" in the dark, without witnesses or Camera". YES. This is the Kikes moral.


                                                                               "WHO IS NEXT!!"

                                                  "THE WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, AND HOW?!"


    The subversive forces have brought the world to where it is today...  Bloodshed everywhere, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq, and Syria! "GOD" only knows who is next!. The war in Syria has become a global battlefield and growing like a tumor, just happen to be there. "SYRIA" is a hostage! But not for long! It had been long Zio/American Film, and, the victims are the Syrian People. The powerful fake media and, Newspaper Columnist, acting as a front for the Zio/Kikes, hand in gloves with the 'A.D.L' "American Anti-Defamation League."  Lobbying for the so called Israel, and it's number one 'SPY' for the Zio/Kikes  which was proved in my fake trial. The major American Media Outlet; A willing Propaganda tool for the Zio/Kikes, plutocrats Creating "Media Alternative". The 'A.D.L' is a shills for the "ZIONIST CAUSE" manipulate the local law Enforcements, Media, Justice System, and Finance. Inciting violence, pushing for global war in the name of "democracy" driving our world to the brink of "NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION". YES. It's 'Long Zio/American Film'  Still playing in 'SYRIA'  with deferent scenario, and, deferent actors. The lie that the U.S.A. did not intervene in Syria has been repeated by figures from Senator "John McCain" to the media, and recently at the "Congressional Syria Regime Change Hearing".  The testimony of "Robert Ford"  revealed information was prepared for the "House Foreign Affair Committee Hearing" Syria: Which way forward?, Which also featured 'Ford's extremely hawkish, how has for years lobbying for the U.S. to violently overthrow the Syrian Gov., while whitewashing the 'Salafi', so called jihadist rebels in Syria. Ford also lamented the failure of the regime change program in Syria, proposed new ways to bring down president "ASSAD".  In the hearing stated that many people were encouraged by US. State Secretary  Tillerson's recent speech last January, in which he called for a "Syria under post-Assad leadership".  Tillerson confirmed that the U.S.troops will remain in Syria indefinitely; and, the administration commitment to regime change. I am sure the U.S. corrupt administration is dreaming!!.  "Robert Ford" praised Tillerson for outlining these goals;  when only few month ago in October 17.2017, the same "Robert Ford" declared to the "Foreign Affair Magazine", saying: " Staying out of Syria is the best option for the U.S., and, bringing down president Assad is delusional. Mr. Assad won, and, we lost!". How exactly the U.S. is going to bring about regime change in Damascus remains unclear. "Robert" Ford conceded that:"Syrian, and Iranian Gov. and Russia, all want us out of Syria".

    "Trump's Administration" making concerted effort to undermine the Syrian Gov. control over Syrian territory by creating independent Political Administration "Civil Society, Health Institutions and Infrastructure that are outside of it's control to establish 'De Facto'  Autonomous Government, that survive on U.S. funding.

    The present existence of US troops on the Syrian Soil is an Aggression by any International Law Standard!




    All signs are there. The Zio/kikes with their allies are testing the water! They are still in state of denial; how the leadership,

    Army, and the Gov. of 'SYRIA' survived their dirty conspiracy.  Well, "SYRIA 'GOD' PROTECT HER". 

    The real question is: Does this collective hysteria, and, the parabolic escalation of antagonism in recent weeks bartend war across the Middle East but especially in Syria there is ample dry tinder for a conflagration, with incipient or existing conflicts between Turkey and the Kurds; between the Turkish Army and the Syrian Army; between Turkish forces and American forces in Munbij; between Syrian forces and American forces; between American forces and the USAF, and Russian servicemen; and between American forces and Iranian forces, and last but not least, between Israel and Syria.

    Any incident amidst such compressed volatility may escalate dangerously. Is the U.S. contemplating a war of choice against Russia, or, in support of re-set of the Middle East landscape to Israel's and Saudi benefit?.  Ofcourse both Israel and Saudis are facing domestic leadership crises.

    "Netanyahu" at Munich Security Conference last month said:"We will act, if necessary, not just against Iran's proxies that are attacking us, but against Iran itself; and looked out at the Iran Foreign Minister: " Do not test Israel's resolve ". At the same conference, US National Security Adviser "McMaster" warned against increased Iranian efforts to support its proxies in the Medill East saying: "time is now" to act against Iran. Well, Is he encouraging Israel to attack "Hezbollah" or Iranian forces in Syria?. This well lead to 3/4 front war for Israel, and for sure, Israel does not want to risk 3/4 front war. Gen."Josef Votel", the commander of Centcom, at a hearing in Congress, Feb.28 said: "...countering Iran is not one of the coalition missions in Syria". The American illegal occupation of N. E. Syria is primarily about standing in the face of Iran. It's well known the US, culturally, accustomed to acting militarily where, when and how it decides to do so. The U.S. Administration good for making enemies but not friends!

    The objective of this Zio/American conspiracy against Syria is to destroy Syria Intellectually, combatively, Economically and, Arabism!  They failed miserably! The blood of the innocent Syrian people will remain on their hands forever. They are still looking for more blood, and, they don't care if it's from their own!!


    I am old enough to remember how America Armed the Kurdish fighters in Iraq in 1970, to rise up against "Saddam Hussein"  as part of the effort to help the pro-American "Shah of Iran". Once the "Shah" secretly struck his own deal with President "Saddam" and, no longer needed the Kurds. The U.S. simply waked away ignoring the Kurds. The U.S. Secretary of state at that time Henry Kissinger famously told a Congressional Committee saying: "Should not be confused with missionary world".  Now, after 4 decades ago the Kurdish in both Syria and Iraq are realizing just how disposable they are to the regional and global power; to see themselves again being appended by their Western allies, and, soon will be thrown under the bus.


    OH Traitors in "GHOUTA"! Why you are shilling innocent civilian in Damascus! and, why the "TURKISH" Aggressions on Syrian territory; when the time for peace, and, security for Syria and the Syrian people are coming closer than anytime on the past! It goes along with the latest "Kikes/Air Attacks" on Syrian military bases on February 10th., 2018.  It's a second war on Syria, and their allies.  Zio/Kikes Be sure:  Your entry to the Syrian Air Space next time; it's not going to be a picnic!!  You got the message loud and clear with the first missile "S-200" bringing down your "F16" plane.  Syria was very patient with you, and you took that advantage. But, not anymore! Go back to read history and learn from it. Kikes: Any poor judgment in this very critical time will lead you to evil consequences.


    - The poor judgment of "NAPOLEON BONAPARTE" forced him to go back from "RUSSIA" January 1912.

    - The poor judgment of the English General "Montgomery" led him to lose the "Gardian Battle" in the German city "ARNHEM"

       on September 1944.

    - The poor judgment of president "JOHN KENNEDY"; for President "CASTRO" reaction failed the operation "The Bay of Pigs"

      in April 1961.

    - The poor judgment of president "SADDAM HUSSEIN's" entanglement in the Kuwait's invasion in August 1990.

    - The poor judgment of the Kikes; for "Hezbollah" in Lebanon/2006, cost them losing the war.

    - Recently. The poor judgment of the Kurdish leader "Mustafa Elbarazani" lost him the power, authority and, independence,      on September 2017.


    YES. Syria was very patient with them, and, with the aggressions of the Zio/American! The whole world was silence when the warplanes of the U.S. led-coalition added a new crime to their criminal records by targeting civilian and Syrian infrastructure on August 22/2017, shilling the residential neighborhoods in "RAQQAH", claiming innocent lives of 78 civilians, injuring tens of others mostly women and children. Also, the Barbarian 59 missiles attack on April 7th. 2017, at the "Shayrat Air Space" near Homs in Syria, which killed tens of civilian innocent people, men, women and children, and injured more. YES.That need international criminal investigation, and raise to a war crime!   To see them today, trying desperately to build border forces in Syria. I am sure of our great Syrian Arab Army to finish, and, to kick out those occupied forces out of Syria.  Also, very Soon the people of "Eastern Ghouta" will be liberated from the remaining traitors!


    The Zio/American fake media for the last few weeks applauding, and, blaming the Syrian regime for another fake chemical attacks on the "Ghouta". The same old B.S again.!  The salient question is simple: Why would the Syrian Army, on the verge of winning the seven year old war, risk alienating world opinion by a strategically foolish chemical attack? It makes no sense. What we must ask ourselves in the age-old question: Cui bono?  Who benefits?  Certainly not president "ASSAD".  However, such an silly excuse lying to take down Assad, does benefit to those forces who are always seeking destabilizing, dreaming in "Regime Change" and their desire as a pretext for war to achieve three related reasons:

    1- Syria at the present does not have a central bank controlled by the evils world banksters; once President Assad is gone; mark my words, Syria  will have a center bank and will thus be under control of the evil's money power.

    2- The territory that is now Syria  will become a de facto part of Israel.

    3- There is also question of two pipeline projects running through Syria to Europe. One is supported by the U.S. and allies, the other by Russia.


    The Zio/American media now saying: " President ASSAD was convinced to leave Syria if weren't for Iran interference".

    Fake media:You are wrong! President ASSAD won the war because most of the Syrian people and the whole Army behind him!


    Most of the American people are against the interfering in the affairs of a Sovereign Nation Syria; and oppose any actions against president Assad. The Republican Senator in the state of Virginia Mr. "Richard Black" said loudly in July 2017:

    "...the U.S. and coalition are in Syria  without permission, without any lawful authority to be present . We did not go to Syria to fight legitimate elected government; we went there to fight this Terrorist Org. the coalitions is certainly not there to help the Syrian people, it's there to help the Saudis".


    For sure, the American people still remember what their administration had done to them on April 19 1993, in the famous mascara of the "WACO TRIBE", killing and burning men, women, and children.  The National Guards was first approved to carry on this vicious attack on the compound supported by helicopters, to crash the whole compound of this religious group, and, later on the "F.B.I." assumed control of the situation, and the siege for 51 days, using various tactics to coerce the "Davidians" into surrounding, and, cutting electricity, and, the water. Then, started bombarding using Armored Vehicles, Tanks, and ramming the compound areas, and, the tanks destroyed the wall, and fire quickly spread to all the area of the compound. The "F.B.I. "Didn't Permit The Fire Department In"; until the whole building was fully engulfed.  More than 73 people, including women and children being burned to death!!




    Written: By Monzer AlKassar- Syrian Political Hostage at Marion American Prison. March 10th.,2018.