Political Interview & The Iran/Contra Scandal

  • It was a very pleasant year; exchanging emails with a Canadian professor Mr. "Moe Taylor" and, having a respectable, and sincerer dialog with him! Now, asking me for a public interview.   Before starting answering his questions, I would like my blog followers to know his "PIO".  Professor "Moe Taylor" an Academic Canadian Cultured, Historian, Researcher, and, Writer. He wrote articles in peer-reviewed journal, such as, the Asis-Pacific Journal, The Journal of Cold War Studies ext.. Finishing up his "PhD" in History at the University of British Colombia-Vancouver- Canada. Broadly interested in politics, and, in the cold war in the "Third World Country". President "TRUMP" recently named them as "****-WHOLE COUNTRIES". Learned about me from the 1980's, hearing/reading a lot of allegations/stories and, controversial opinion about me. Saying in his last email questions: "I am aware that a lot of falsehood have been spread about you by your enemies and, that some of these allegations might be offensive or hurtful. I sincerely hope you don't take offence by me reproducing some of them in my questions; since the original sources, and the most popular one came from a shady individual, Israeli/American, named "AUVAL AVIVE" an Israeli Mossad back ground".


    Professor "Moe Taylor": Be sure: I am not offended by any of these allegations! Before I start answering your questions, I am borrowing a sentence from the great X first lady Ms. "Michelle Obama": "When they go low; we go high!!".

    My replies to your questions are going to be honest! I will never let down my only son I have "RAMI"; after receiving his email of Feb. 24th. 2018, and, after reading all my articles/interviews, saying:

                                         DAD: "I am very proud of your honest sincere replies in all your interviews ".


    Now, to your Questions, and, Answers:


    Q-Did you supply Eastern Bloc Weapons to "Oliver North" Iran/Contra Affair; with (Million & Five Hundred Thousand Dollars)?.


    A-Iran/Contra scandal goes back to more than 30 years ago. It was the devil song of the fake media at that time; to cover up the US. illegal dirty arm deals around the world. I had never met/seen, or dealt in all my business with "Oliver North".

    Also, I had never being questioned, indicted or, convicted in this dirty deal. I never being asked about it during my captivity  in the US.  I only heard of "Oliver North" after the scandal being published world wild. Colonel "Oliver North" being trialed and convicted for this dirty deal, and, burdened by the Corrupt US. Administration at that time; because, They don't want the American Tax payers to know the truth of their illegal and dirty works. The US."Congressional Investigation well aware of the truth in this dirty deal. I challenged "Oliver North" and, the administration in many published interviews; to contradict my story. Here I am challenging him and the administration again, under penalty of perjury:"US.Title 28 USC 1746".  I want the American people to know the Illicit Arms Trafficking of their corrupt government while, throwing their **** on others!


    I was a legal representative of government with a "Diplomatic Passport" from the end of 1970 to the 1990's, for civil/military equipments in Poland. I was an exclusive Agent for the Polish Ministry of Trade (CENZIN). I had joined venture with them.  Some polish officials worked in my offices outside Poland In Vienna/Austria. They received a request from Portages official licensed Arms company in Lisbon (DEFEX), with Portuguese (End User Certificate) for few military items for Portugal use.  The contract condition was for goods not to be resold/re-exported out of Portugal. Money was transferred from a Swiss Bank on F.O.B. bases. The shipment arrived "Lisbon Port" and, official papers were stamped & signed.  After few months, the scandal of "Iran/Contra Affair" hit the fan and published all over the world. The name of "Oliver North" came as the one who organized this illegal arms deal. I am sure, him or some other people from the American corrupt Administration at that time had made lots of hush money from this illegal deal. Now, for the American Tax payers to investigate and to find out who and how much they have stolen out of the whole IRAN/CONTRA illegal deal!.  Files are still in Poland for this small order. Poland now is American allies. My copies are kept in my office Contract/Copy of The End use Certificate, and, the original prices. Then,  it's easy to make the calculation of the hush money being made by this corrupt officials!".


    Q-I would like to ask you about some conspiracy theories swirled around 1988 " Pan America flight 103/Lockerbie Bombing.  Israeli/American Mossad agent "YUVAL AVIVE" the original source, who implicate you, your families, and, Syria in it?.


    A-This is one more proof how the "Zio/Kikes" Fake Media had being trying for decades with their dirty work to smear "Syria", my name, and, my families name. The U.N. International Criminal Court in "Hague" convicted Libya/Al Megrahi for it.   Mr."Taylor": I would like to correct your information!. The original smearing campaign came from ZIO/German book "Der Pat Des Terrors- The God Father Of Terrorism Monzer al Kassar", using the pseudonym "Manfred Morstein", being Published in German Language, Hungarian, and Arabic 1988-1989. The ZIO/Kikes made a big fuss in the media all over the world. "Manfred Morstein" appeared in many TV Shows disguising himself saying: "I am afraid for my life and my families life from AlKassar after I published the book. Now, I am hiding and my family in Africa".


    Now, From U.S. Court records for Pan AM 103; and from the "FOIA" Request No:1181152002:

    "SWORN AFFIDAVIT, by "Lee S. Kreinder"(LSK 4362) Chairman, Plaintiff's Committee-September 30/1992 Said: "Auval AVIV'S" Odious Background:  Born in Israel Feb.24/1947, served in the Israeli Army, then as Steward in El-Al Security Officer 1973/74. NO doubt Avive was hired. In Sep.9/1992 a man named "Manfred Morstein" wrote a book in German, using pseudonym "Manfred Morstein". I checked on Avive's report in court, appear to be cribbed from the book precisely to what he wrote about (ALKASSAR) Court Exhibit 5. We always thought that Aviv plagiarized Morstein's book. Now, makes US. wonder if it wasn't the other way around, Avive is the one who wrote the script for Morstein or, maybe Morstein was Mr. Avive in a "Sheep's Clothing"; Continuing false stories reported in the Newspapers of the world, on ABC/NBC,TV's, and,the "Barron's Magazine"SEP.21,1992/ OCT.5,1992, pointed to Insurance Company Disinformation to avoid paying claims, look to be false".


     Also, Legal papers were obtained from the "DOJ" attorney "John Connors "on 10/26/92-Civil Division,501-7385. Additional Discovery: "BOGUS YARN" that has courted this litigation from the beginning. The Pan Am records seem to have inspired the false story from a very early stage. Insurance company attempted to avoid paying claims on a policy by shopping what now looks to be false stories to the media. The Judge in this case said about the "Time" story report was a "BAD APPLE".


    Me now,for the first time I am declaring these facts; under the penalty of perjury: "US.TITLE USC 1746":

    "On about 1994/1995. I received a call at my residence in Marbella "Palacio Mifadil" from "Manfred Morestein" asking me if he can come to Marbella to see me. At first I thought some one is playing games with me!. I told him " Are you not afraid?" he told me No. He said he will be coming next day. I immediately contacted my lawyer and, a top security people in Madrid. A Chief Inspector came from Madrid next morning. On the afternoon "Manfred Morrestein" arrived. The conversation with him was recorded by the Chief Inspector. "Morestein" said, and was taped: "I came to apologize for the book! I was paid to write it! I am ready, to write another book to correct the story. I told him it's too late, the damages had already being done. I asked him: "Who paid you to write this book?. He replied "I was paid by an "Israeli Mossad's Agent", and refused to give me the name. The meeting was for about two horse, and he left".  The Spanish Government had a copy of the tape and me too!


    Q- Jo. Marshall {wrote a book about the C.I.A.& U.S. military involvements "Cocaine Politics Drug"& Peter Scott, allegations

    that your family traditionally are the largest arms and narcotics business in Syria?.


    A- First of all. It's very well known, Syria is one of the most hardest country on Drugs & Arms; and, not waiting for any one to defend her. Specially, when all these allegations started by my enemy and the enemy of Syria from {Morestein's Book}.

    I have read all these allegations long time ago and, replied to them in so many interviews. Now, I am giving you legal proofs


    1-In my famous (Achille Lauro) Trial in Madrid 1992-1995. In the written acquitted judgment:

    "...Mr. AlKassar has no criminal record in Spain or outside Spain... He has the right legally to pursue his accusers".


    2-At my trial here in America 2008. The official court report "P.S.R." Dated Feb. 24/2009 signed by Senior U.S. probation Officer "Colleen Tyler"- P53961. Part B. Defended's Criminal History. In # 110- Juvenile Adjudications "NONE"; And, in #111-

    Adult Criminal Convections: "NO PRIOR CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS".


    3-I have in my position legal document from the "FOIA/Record" Dated March 1/2017, signed by Chief Record Information -

    "David Hardy" Saying: D.E.A. requested Biographical Information for "Monzer AlKassar". The reply was: "The Counter- Narcotics Center had nothing on "Monzer Alkassar. In the research D.E.A. Library in Lexis 6-7c per D.E.A.".


    Q-The allegations also connect you personally to "Jorge Ochoa" in supplying Arms to "Medellin Cartel"?.


    A-I never heard of this man, neither the "Medellin Cartel" to tell you about! If this was true; why the D.E.A. spent millions of dollars from the tax payers for fabricating my case! I want you to look/read, what the D.E.A. Agents said in the recent TV. Episod:CNNW:July 29,2017- 9:00pm-10:pm ( https://archive.org/details/CNW_20170730_ 040000_declassified ).

    With no shame. The D.E.A. Chief and Agents in my fabricated case said: "Our role as a team (in AlKassar case) was to come up with a game plan " BY HOOK OR CROOK" we're going to make a case". I think, That explain everything for my case!!


    Q-What your prospective on October Arabs/Israeli war 1973; What impact did the war have on you personally? Describe the mode within Syria at that time?.


    A-Oct.1973 war, not the first or the last war with Kikes". Since then, the 'Kikes" are itching/provoking for another one. Not only against Syria, also against Lebanon, Palestinians, and our allies. Specially, after their defeat by Lebanon/Hezbollah in 2006. Now, Syria is wining the war of this Zio/American conspiracy. Nothing will scare the Syrian, Army, leadership and people; who proved they were ready to defend Syria with their blood till the last breath, and still standing up for their rights to fight for every inch being taken from Syria!  Never mind how, when and where!  

    The friends/allies of Syria after Oct.1973 war expressed their happiness in many ways! Here what the president of N.Korea "KIM II SUNG" said:"The historic victory of the Syrian People makes us happy as if it had been our war; all the facts confirm with clarity in fighting the Imperialism/Zionism, for independent development of the country and their territorial integrity".


                                 "SYRIA" is not the aggressor! We have the right by any law standard to defend our lands.


    Q- President "Hafez Assad" in 1974 visited "Pyongyang" after 1973 war. What is your insight for this impeccable man; and

    the changing on Syria in his period?.


    A- President "Hafez Assad" (peace upon him) brought peace, dignity, and security to Syria and the Syrian people! He was received with warm greeting of friendship from Millions of the Korean people. President "KIM II SUNG" in his historic speech

    Said: "Today the "ZIONISTS" supported by the Imperialists, continue to commit acts of aggression and military provocation

    to the Arab people, threaten the peace and security in the Middle East region.The Israeli aggressors to retire from all occupied lands and for the Palestinian People to be restored of all integral legitimate Rights. Our people will be firmly by the side of the Syrian People who are fighting against Imperialism and Zionism".


                              I have no doubt: SYRIA; the Lion president "Bashar Al Assad" now, following in his foot steps


    Sunday, March 18.,2018.

    By Monzer AlKassar- Syrian Political Hostage in American Gulag!