"Interview with the prominent Spanish Journalist Mr.D.L.Canales

  • Q-What kind of business you had/have in Syria/Lebanon?.


    A-I never had any business in Syria.I use to have an office to look after my properties & to receive people who needed help. Yes. I had a jewelry shop in Beirut from the end of the 70s.


    Q-What are your best memories from your childhood/youth in Syria/Abroad?.


    A-My best memory in Syria is, the school time, family ties, the good friends I had, and still have.

    No one can deny the safety/security of the Syrian People before this conspiracy. No Organized Crime, No Rape, No Drugs, Freedom of religion, No Famine, No Homosexuality, and no one sleeping in shelters or under bridges! while I was living abroad in many so called "civilized countries"; I had seen the opposite!


    Q-Who is your enemy? You have used this word so many times, said the "U.S. have being mislead". My Question by whom? What exactly are you referring to?.


    A-Proudly said. Still saying: The enemies of SYRIA/Palestinian cause are my enemies!. Never mind, if they are countries, Org., or, individuals. No doubt; the "ZIO/KIKES" are my real enemies! Never mind about the few Kings, princes, traitors, who are licking the asses of their masters.They will be remembered in the black list of history. Yes. I said/still say without fear.The U.S. Administration is being mislead and still is, in her hostilities toward "SYRIA"! The U.S. Influenced by the strong "ZIO/KIKES" fake Media; brain wash the people with all the B.S., and calling us the "**** HOLE COUNTRIES". I am against this kind of corrupt administration, But, not the people! I am not asking them to be biased toward Syria, only be fair!

    I was happy today hearing "TRUMP" saying: "Very Soon, We will withdraw our troops from Syria!" which is a wise decision; before the troops face more causalities. He also froze $200 Million aid for Syria!  Mr. President: We don't need your blood money; Just leave Syria alone! I was right in my writings: "America mind your own business, and get out of Syria".


    Q-In the 80s, you had A good relation with the Spanish Gov.! Explain why expelled you for 3 years (1988-1990)?.


    A-Not secret anymore. Rifat Asad, asked the Interior Minister (Barrio Nuevo) to expel me from Spain.This visit was arranged by a Spaniard/Syrian origin, supported by top man in the security at that time. He went with his Syrian friend Mr. F. H. and, Spanish/Syrian Interpreter Mr. H.H. "Rifat Assad" asked for 3 things before he invest Hundreds of Millions $ in Spain:

    1-To expel Monzer AlKassar from Spain period.

    2-To grant him/families, the people who came with him to Spain (Illegally) residence, and permit to carry weapons.

    3-To permit his wife "Lean El Khier" who being graduated as a doctor in Syria; to practice as a doctor in Spain.

    The third demand was denied, because it's not in the authority of the Interior Minister. I have material proof, and witnesses

    for that meeting. I challenge Spain to deny my story! The Minister issued an order to expel me from Spain for 3 years only (1988-1990), to please Rifat Asad. I was told "the order is formality to please Rifat , and, I can come and go anytime I wish". which I did. Rifat was B.S. the Minister that he will be in power in Syria again. I was asked for my opinion! My reply was: "Maybe in his dream!". The time proved he was also conspiring with the enemy of Syria for that goal.


    Q-I am very much interested in your relation with Rifat Asad! He was main player in your fabricated case. When/how you knew him?. What kind of relation you had with him?. How did it evolve during the years?. Why were you his Enemy!! Is it political/Business?. The last time you saw him/talked to him?. Also, there are reports from the 80s involving you/Rifat in the drug business from Syria/Middle East. What do you have to say about it?.


    A-I have no problem in replying these questions faithfully. Most of them are first hand information! I am quoting here, 3 words from president "Hafez Assad" (Peace upon him) describing his brother Rifat: "Naive/easy to Manipulate".  Me Adding now: "Abusing Power & money made him a toxic mix!". I new Rifat from late 50s. He was naive and simple student in a private school in Damascus (Saleem Yazji); with my brother. (Peace upon him). "Hafez Assad" was officer in the air force, and, Refat legal guardian/benefactor. I am not sure if Rifat had ever finished his high school! Enrolled in the army after the "Baath Party Revolution" in 1963. Swiftly being promoted. 1965 he went for a course to Russia.

    After my high school I left Syria (1966-1967). In 1977 I came back to Beirut. I started hearing about Rifat in Syria/Lebanon calling him "The leader". He was the head of a very special army unit "SARAY AL DEFAH", and in Beirut "The Red Indian" with absolute power. Stories are told about him in Syria/Lebanon. Terrorizing/Embezzling people. By fear, No one dare to inform President "Hafez Assad".

    Rifat had a very strong intimate relation with the Saudi Crown Prince "Abdullah" and became his (Kinsman). Rifat was manipulated by the crown prince. Rifat in his outward appearance was "Leftist-Socialist"; in his inner was "Saudi/American".


    I blame the traitor "Rifat Asad" for all the blood had been spilled in "Syria", before/after being ousted! I am sure,  Millions  of Syrian, and Arab People agree with me! With the power he had in Syria, and, the shameful support from ZIO/American Agencies before, and, after being ousted from Syria, and for his own ego; he sold his conscience/Syria, and, the Arab cause! The one who betrayed his own brother/benefactor; for sure, he is capable of doing anything.   What a shame! He is still protected; but, till when?!. You need books to write his shameful crimes in Syria and Abroad. They are still protecting him,  turning blind eye on his crimes; with no shame, blaming Syria for them. I am lay down a few horrible crimes he committed  :

    1-Killing of prisoners in "Tadmur Prison" 1980. He was named the "Butcher Of Tadmur".

    2-The massacre in "Hama" 1982. "Rifat Asad" the "Butcher of Hama" being asked after the massacre by a foreign journalist Mr."Wedell Stevenson". Do you condemn the massacre in Hama?. "Rifat Asad" after a long pause said: "I could NOT have succeeded without doing it!". There are still witnesses from his own forces ready to give details of his evil crimes; also, for the other crimes committed in Syria/Abroad, from Killing,Torturing, Embezzling, Raping innocent girls, Stealing, Conspiring, Bribing judges in Spain, Kidnapping and Black mailing. If there is an honest Investigation; evidence will presented.

                                                      Yes David: The enemy of my country Syria; is my enemy!


    Yes, Rifat Asad, Cowardly hand in glove with the ZIO/Kikes are behind my fabricated case! He and his son Ribal openly boasted that they are the one who got rid of me! Cowardly, they sent message " we will get him in America

    On Sept.20,2008.The U.S. prosecutor "Boyd Johnson" in a letter to our attorneys "Sorkin, Stavis & Agnifilo" said:

    "information of the D.E.A., deemed to be from reliable source of a substance, that Mr. AlKassar might be harmed. We have since received additional information, that in substance, Mr. AlKassar was going to be killed in Spain by an individual who had the means to do so, and, he is from Middle Eastern Country". I never had any close relation with Rifat; business or otherwise. I challenged him when he was in his utmost power 1979. He ordered his troops in Beirut to get me to Syria before he wakes up! I was saved by "Abu Abbas".

    I am not sure. Is It my bad luck or his?! coming to Marbella in 1986! He tried very hard to see me and to get me on his side.

    I refused to see him. He bought his luxury residence at the 'Gray's Albion" from Mr. Craft (German Investors) where I had the seaside Chalets; years before he came to Marbella. After more than 8 months. He saw my car and waited for me to come back to it. He gave me a hug telling me "all the people came to visit me except you". I told him "Abu Durade" I've  no reason to visit you! He asked me about his facing problems in getting into the Casino, they keep them and his people waiting, and asking for passports!. You are the Prince of Marbella, the only one who receive red carpet and open the doors to go in without any question! I took him to the Casino with all his people. Since then, they started receiving them well. He gambled a lot, and barrowed 3-4 millions Dollars from the Casino and gave them a check which has never been paid. To be fair with his family (Wives's & Children) Ms.Lean & Ms.Rajaa, his daughters and their husbands, were very respectable in Marbella, also, most of his children and his female paratroops, and most of his body guards, who I knew most of them from Syria; they respect me a lot. Marbella is very small and me and Rifat we cross each other very often. We greet each other. sometime we chat a little. I use to hear about Rifat's fear; that he is scared of me and he is trying his best to get rid of me from Spain. On June 6/2000. I received an early phone call from Damascus telling me that President "Assad" passed away, and for me to come to Syria. I went to "Grayd's Albion" to see Rifat at the gate. I greeted him and paid my respect for the lost of his brother (thinking he knew). He show no motion and called Damascus from his mobile and start laughing, and told me; yes it's true. I asked for the time/place for the people to come to pay their respects, he replied: No.  I am not mourning". I said, be sure all our houses are going to be place for the mourning, and walked away.This event confirmed what impostor indignant and meanness Rifat is!. Since that day I started ignoring him; and I was his "incubus". He started openly showing his enmity, and, conspiring against Syria. On July 11/2005 "lying King, Witness Zohir Al Sadik" was picked up from Malaga Airport by Rifat's guards coming form Riad/Casablanca with a false name as "Wiaam AlHassan".

    The Spanish C.N.I. facilitate his entry. Rifat, harbored him in his Park Plaza Hotel/Marbella-room 207 for one month preparing him to be a witness against Syria at the U.N.Court. After "Al Sadik" being exposed publicly in Marbella; they rush him by private plane to Paris. Rifat, start acting like his old days in Syria; indomitable/impenetrable & insolent. Refat,Stole big amount of money from our community & land to build Coffee Shop. Residence of the building came to me. Rifat, refuse to solve the problem. My lawyer took him to court # 2 in Marbella. Case #48/06.   Judge "Francisco De Orcia" send his Secretary with Subpoena for Rifat to come to court. They told him "stick it up yours and AlKassar".

    The judge issued a warrant of Arrest for Rifat who run away in his plane, and the Interpol looking for him. The Spanish CNI, CIA, DST, tried hard to save him and managed to corrupt the judge. Rifat came to court after 15 day in no where!.

     He went to court. I saw him sitting on the bench for hours. That was the best moment of my life! His son Siwar came to my palace and offered me big money to drop the case. I refused. Later on, with the help of the son of "Olivia Valier" and, the C.N.I. managed to black mail/corrupt the judge; to stop the case against Rafat! Few month later I was detained to relieve Rifat; and for him to carry on his dirty works against Syria.

    I don't think Rifat was involved in drug business because, the Saudi Crown prince "Abdullah" was his golden miens plus, the blood money he made in Syria/Lebanon.    

    I made my money legally from Arm Business. Neither the U.S. D.E.A. nor the court here ever asked me about drugs! The U.S. FOIA records & the Court P.S.R. March 1/2017 stated: "Monzer AlKassar, has no prior Criminal Record; and nothing on him in "Narcotics".


    Q-Do you have proof, that Rifat/his son Ribal had conspired against Syria/President "Bashar Assad"; and what you think for the fate of Bashar, and Rifat?!


    A-Rifat, on Feb. 6/2012 with a phone interview to "German Media" said: "He is the substitute and the fate of Basher is going to be Unpleasant.   Ribal, on Dec.12/2015 at C.N.N (GPS- F.Zakaria) Welcomed Israel and said:"We will fight with the U.S. and, Bashar have to leave!

    Well, Syria & President Bashar won the war, because, the Army & most of the Syrian People are behind him. He is the President of Syria!   Rifat Asad, now being thrown under the bus; by his own masters. He is now charged with theft laundering money ect.. in criminal cases in France/Spain, and, All his assets are confiscated!

           "RIFAT ASAD, has reached Heaven; "GOD' has made conditions ripped for {JUSTICE} to prevail"; and, more to come!"