•   Public message to President "TRUMP", the Free American People, and, the Free world:


    Syria is a Sovereign Country with a legitimate Elected Government, and, Member of the United Nation body. It is not only me saying that. Many of the U.S. Congressmen declared publicly on the media, criticizing President "TRUMP" for not seeking congressional approval from the U.S. Congress; as per Article #2 -Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution for engaging in acts of war, the missile attack on Syria this very early morning of April 14/2018.


    I am not surprised the U.K. and France joined this unlawful Aggression. The Arab world are used to this kind of hypocrisy and aggression. I am sure, the whole world still remembers the "TRIANGLE AGGRESSION" against Egypt in the 50s!


    President "TRUMP",  the real  "Golden Shower" you are victim of is the false Intelligence Information upon which you have relied on to engage in war on "Syria". It's the same proved false information given to your predecessor for attacking Iraq!. You, yourself Mr. President condemned it before. The same Agencies repeated it again to you upon the instruction of the "ILLUMINATI/PALLADIUM" {Secret-Society(S) that control/create wars and rumors of wars to control/own mankind.}.

    Behind them ZIO/KIKES and Mossad agents in your house, resulted in your wrong decision to attack Syria and falling into the trap which may lead to another "World War".  A week before your decision to attack Syria you were making wise decisions in planning to withdraw your unlawful (invasion) troops out of Syria.  Mr. President: Stay with your own conscience. It appears "GOD" was leading you before Satan interfered to mislead you. Thank "GOD" for protecting Syria and the Syrian people from these devils and no innocent people being killed by your wrong decision!. That does not release you from your responsibility in protecting human lives, and never again to listen to our mutual enemies and their devil plan!

                                Yes. The last word was for "GOD" to save Innocent Syrian people. "GOD" protect SYRIA!


    President "TRUMP".  Return to "GOD's Will" by following your good heart and your instinct. I am sure "GOD" will protect you from our mutual "ILLUMINATI/PALLADIUM ENEMIES".  Syrian people are not your enemy; nor the enemy of the  American people.


    For the last 11 years as a political hostage in very clear fabricated case, kidnapped from Spain, and being isolated in the worst prison conditions, also, being subject to Physical, Emotional, and Mental Tortures by the old corrupt administration under the watch of the corrupt, former A/G :"LORETTA LYNCH",  because of my love to my country "SYRIA", and refusing to work against my country Syria from day one of this conspiracy. Also, blocking me from reaching the court, or, having any paid lawyers. I am legally stating that under the U.S. law of perjury to be held responsible legally for my statement if it's false!!. They are the same people and the same operative of our mutual enemy, and the enemy of humanity.


    My honest/humble advice to you Mr. President; as I previously stated, do not judge Syria/Syrian people and the leadership by the fabricated Information presented to you. Try and rebuild mutual trust/interest between our two nations, and to have your personal judgment and your own opinion for the Syrian people and their leadership! I still believe that you have a good heart and act upon it!.  I am 73 years old with a lot of experience, also, I was a very successful business man with pride and dignity, and more famous than you in Europe and the Arab world. During my captivity here in America (I have never been to America before my kidnapping in the name of law, for political motives to shut me up, because of my love to Syria by a false sting operation, and nothing to do with terrorism). Yes, I have never seen or heard of any real Syrian being involved in any terrorism activities here in the U.S. That will explain a lot about our Syrian people!


    My prediction, if you manage to get out of all these traps which being created by jealous people, and your adversaries with the fake media behind them, for you to meet with the president of Syria Dr. "BASHAR AL ASSAD", to find out by yourself that he is also a real man, very Educated, Gentleman, Family man, and with a very good heart as well, Yes, he stood up as a man defending his people against obvious conspiracies and he never ran away and he fights the fight.


    Believe me, at least 80% of the Syrian people and the whole Syrian army are behind him. Do not listen to this B.S. about sectarian religious divisions.  Syria, before this dirty conspiracy, was a peaceful and prosperous nation; much like your own dream for America.


    Even in the worst time of this conspiracy against Syria, and against the leadership, I have a small example for you which shows the good human heart of president "Assad" in releasing an American Spy/Photographer "Kevin Patrick Dawes" on April 4th./2016,  who entered Syria illegally in 2012. The fake media here never showed him or talked to him, to ask him how was he treated in his captivity in Syria". I am sure he is being treated in very human way and without torture; otherwise they would have made a big fuss about it in the media.  He was also allowed to contact his family ,and, receive Packages care months before his release. I have been in prison here in America for 11 years and my direct family (wife/Children) have been prevented by the same mutual enemies from coming to visit me, and turn them back to Spain every time they arrive legally at a port of entry asking them for "Intelligence Information" to let them in.


    I am not here asking for any favor! I am looking for justice for my country. I am already 73 years old who care for his beloved wounded country "SYRIA", and looking for what I can do for my country; not looking for what my country can do for me!  Syria comes first!


    I am still in very sever pain for the last weeks, and still not being able to walk. I didn't sleep for the last few days after hearing the words of aggression and violence toward my country. As soon as I heard the attack being started, my heart cried out and I was inspired to write this message.  Thank "GOD" for protecting Syria and the Syrian People. Also, thanks to all the free world and the countries who stood by us in this very critical time.


                        My hope/faith and prayers, and my pride is in our Syrian people first, our army, and the leadership.


    I will finish by repeating to you, MR. "TRUMP",  what our first lady Ms. "ASSMA ASSAD El AJRAS" which proved to be truthful/sincere in her reply in "MARRAKESH-MOROCCO"  in 2012 at the so called 114 countries meeting, when she was asked by one of the so called Syrian opposition: "... You don't seem to be scared?  She, in a calm/composed response, replied  NO. and continued telling him: "...Never mind if all the world are against us; the Syrian people are with us!


    MONZER ALKASSAR. A Syrian Political hostage in American Gulag prison (C.M.U./USP MARION).  Saturday, April 14th., 2018.