Dear Followers,

    I am "MONZER AL KASSAR" Also Known, by "ABU MONAWAR". Proud to be Syrian (Born in Syria-Kalamoon-Yabroud, July -1st./1945. I was raised in Syria by awesome, educated parents, with my other 5 siblings (2 Sisters and 3 brothers), and, from well known political family.
    My father is "Mohamed Al-Kassar" and, my Mother "Monawar Tarbouch" ('GOD' Rest Their Souls In Peace). My father was self-made, and, well known Arabic Professor, wrote a famous Arabic book (The Key). He struggled in his life and reached the highest positions: Teaching, governor in so many big states/cities in Syria near (Homs, Aleppo and Latakia) for many years,
    then, Member of Perelman. Ambassador, and later on retired as Attorney in Damascus to defend free "poor and oppressed Syrian people" until his last day (July/1982).

    After I finished my study in Damascus-Syria (1966-1967) I went to Algeria teaching Arabic. In 1969-1972 my father was appointed as Syrian Ambassador to India. I went to India-New Delhi to study for my Commercial Pilot License (CPL), and, Instruments Rating. When my father was transferred to Kuwait (Ambassador), I went to Canada- Moncton- New Brunswick, and, I finished my commercial Pilot License/Instruments Rating. From Canada, I went back to Lebanon-Beirut to start my own business in trade, Travel-Agents, Jewelry shop, and licensed Money Exchange shop in Beirut-Hamra St.

    About 1977-1978, I met by coincidence in Beirut an old Yemenis school friends who became Ministers in Yemen, and they were in official visit to Lebanon. I was at that time working also in commodities in Warsaw-Poland, and Sofia-Bulgaria ext...
    The Yemenis friends invited me to Yemen-Aden, and appointed me as commercial attache in Poland for South Yemen with diplomatic Passport.
    During that time, I got involved in the legal Arms business for Yemen, and for another Eastern and Western Countries.
    With the time passing my name start getting bigger and bigger internationally in the Arms Business, and, due to my good relations in many Arab Countries, and Eastern, and Western European Countries as well!
    Yes. I made a lot of money not only in the legal Arms Business, and more in properties, lands and, Constrictions in Spain, and in some other countries.

    I got married to may wife "Raghda Habbal" in 1982 in Beirut. She was from a very well know/prominent Syrian family living in Beirut-Lebanon at that time. During the invasions of the 'Zionists" to Beirut 1982; I moved my wife and her family to Spain- Marbella, where I had a lots of investments and they settled down in this beautiful Marbella (People and place).
    "God" blessed me with 3 daughters (Monnawar- Haiffa and Natasha) and, one great son (Rami).

    Due to my participating and, donating in so many human events in Marbella, I was named "THE PRINCE OF MARBELLA"; I am more proud to be called "Abu Monawar!".
    The animosities/jealousy, and, my loud voice for unconditional support to my beloved country Syria and the Palestinian People, and their struggle for their just cause!. I am proudly now, paying my life for them!

    That was the mean reason for all the bad, fake, fabricated cases, and dirty allegations with strong Zionist campaigns with their allies spreading and fabricating false cases, arrests, convections, in books, Newspapers and Magazines ext..
    Yes. There is always heavy prices to be paid, for fame, wealth and believes; which I was always ready for it with my head up;
    even, if I am going to be send back to my beloved country Syria in a "CASKET!"; My head will be up!

    I was saved by the Grace of "Almighty God" 5 times from an assassinations plots by the Zionists/Mossad Agents ( one time in Beirut, 2 times in Spain, one time in Vienna-Austria, and one time in Amsterdam- Netherlands). Please, go to my Social Media page. The link is:
    (FreetheinnocentMonzerAlkassar@FreeAlkassar); to read fascinating writings and chocking stories!

    All these false accusations in: Books, Newspaper/Magazine Articles, Fake Social Media, &TV. interviews, were orchestrated and paid for by the "Zionists/Mossad", and their agents! Most of it, if not all, repeated the same B.S. from the Mossad book written by one of their Agent "Morestien" in Germany in the 80s; to be repeated in the false U.S. D.E.A. Agent "James Soiles" when he was head of the D.E.A. at the U.S Embassy in Paris-France 1989; for personal motive; And, to please his masters.. fabricated false documents, and presented to the very well known corrupt judge in Madrid "Almighty Judge - "Baltazar Garson", in the the biggest case/trial in Spain 1992-1995 "Achilles Lauro-hijacking of 1985"; were I was fully -acquitted of all these false charges. The star witness in the trial was, the U.S. D.E.A. Agent "James Soiles". After his testimony under oath; the Spanish Judge in the trial asked for his immediate arrest after being proved lying under oath.
    "James Soiles" was saved by his U.S. Diplomatic Passport, and, after the interference of U.S.Embassy in Madrid. Few days later he was allowed to leave Spain. In the same draft of my acquittal stated: Mr. "Monzer AlKassar" has/had no previous criminal record!

    Since then, "James Soiles" started plotting/fabricating false DEA reports to Washington with the help of the well known Zionist Organization in America (ANTI- DEFAMATION LEAGUE - A.D.L.), and finally he succeeded in kidnapping me from Spain in the name of "Law Of Jungle"; Also, with the dirty bullying work of the U.S. Ambassador in Madrid "Antonio Aguirre", bribing Spanish prosecutors, and corrupt Spanish Judges. All that being discovered and published by the "WIKI LEAKS" U.S. Secret chocking Telegrams in 2008 after my kidnapping. You can go to WIKI LEAKS Links to read the chocking telegrams:
    1- stating:
    "... D.E.A,& USA country Attachment on December 14 with National Spanish Court Chief Prosecutor "Javier Zargoza" to examine any hurdles remain in the way of Alkassar's extradition to the imminent extradition to the U.S.A... and. the U.S.A.".
    Ambassador discussed the case on the same day with Spanish Judge "Baltasar Garzon"".

    2- 21 December-2007 :
    Classified By: U,S. Ambassador "Eduardo Aguirre" met on December 14 with Judge "Baltasar Garzon" a high-profile investigative in Madrid's National Court told him .. He appreciates the close contact he has with the U.S.Embassy and said He considers the U.S.A. friend and reminded the Ambassador that he regret not being able to put him away,,,, Garzon clearly has NO LOVE LOST FOR Alkassar and said "I hope you get him". The U.S. Embassy has tried to foster relationship with all six of the investigative magistrates... some are responsive to outreach and attend Embassy-organized conferences and events... we will explores ways to deepen our cooperation with these individuals., as Garzon is correct that they all wield significant authority and latitude cases of interest to the U.S.A.; Alco, at a December 28 dinner hosted by the Ambassador, Spanish Interior Minister "Alfredo Perez Rubacaba" said, that the Spanish Government support the request of the U.S.... even had come under intensive pressure.... we don't want to be seen"puttingAl-Kassaron an American aircraft at three o'clock in the morning.... The Ambassador and member of the Country team have had ready access to relevant Spanish Officials and have been able to discuss all issues freely". (signed by Ambassador AGUIRRE).

    3- Cable May 30/2008
    "...The Ambassador followed up later day with a phone call to "Bernardino Leon , Zapatero's new Secretary General of the Presidency (and former Deputy Foreign Minister)... Bernardino Leon has always been an effective interlocutor, and, said....
    The U.S. Embassy to seek support from the highest levels in Washington. (Signed by Ambassador AGUIRRE).

    4- Cable June 19/2008 :
    :... the DCM thanked the GOS for their help in Alkassar's case to be send to America..."(signed by Ambassador AGUIRRE). And, more and more cables........ You can read!

    The Zionist Org. A.D.L. in America 2009; Honors/Awarded D.E.A. Chief Agent "James Soiles", for his Sting Operation for bringing "Monzer AlKassar" to America.


    1- Official signed letter, dated May 3/1993 from the U.S. justice department to Spanish Judicial Department stating"
    "...On behalf the U.S., there are no charges against Monzer Mohamed AlKassar related to the crimes associated with the Hijacking of the "ACHILLES LAUREL", and the authorities in charge of the investigation in the United States lack any information which may connect AlKassar to this incident".

    2- Sentencing Acquittal No: 18/95 In Madrid March 22,1995 from the highest Court in Spain , also, giving me the right to sue legally the conspirators in the case of "Achilles Laurao". One of them DEA. Agent "James Soiles". I didn't do it, because the corrupt Judge "Baltazar Garson" after my Acquittal invited me officially to his office and asked me not to sue him and the others, shake my hand and said:"...We will play clean from now on".

    3- Copy of the ruling from the court in Italy, dated Genova 23/2/2000, signed by president of the court Dr. "R. Pastoriano",
    of my acquittal in the case of "ACHILLES LAURO".

    4- Official letter dated March 1/2017 for "FOIA" request from the Subject "Monzer A;lKassar" No (1181152-002) sent to me at the C.M.U. Marion. Report, information request by the C.I.A. liaison, to the D.E.A. for Monzer AlKassar involvement in drug trafficking. Received the following report saying: "... In our research; the Counternarcotics Center had nothing on AlKassar".

    5- The retired D.E.A. Chief "Jams Soiles", I call him "James Bond" appear at the C.N.N. TV. Declassified Program, on July 29, 2017 at 9:00 Pm- 10:00 Pm POT; and said with no shame: (BY HOOK OR BY CROOK) We got AlKassar.
    6- In my (P.S.R.) Monzer AlKassar Criminal (History) Record in my sentencing day here at Court in New York 2/24/2009.
    Said: "...The defendant Monzer AlKassar has NO prior Criminal (History) conviction".

    Finally. I challenge James Soiles and his cronies for the above mentioned fact and evidence!

    "Welcome to tie land of "NO JUSTICE, but, JUST..... US."