Hello Ladies!

  • Hello Ladies!


    Re-start our engines.  My name is Alesha, and I’m a married woman but I would like to introduce a real good man to you, his name is Victor Lindsey, a publisher of many books and low budget movies.  He’s also into designing clothes which he has his own clothing line called “Detroit on Fire” and Victor Teon Lindsey’s signature collection.  Now, I’m now only a long time friend of Victor’s, but I’m also his accountant and business manager. 


    Victor’s a very attractive, incarcerated black male.  He’s “43” years old with a beautiful white smile…and you can reach him by email within minutes.  Just go to www.JPay.com and set up a free JPay account and give them his name Victor Lindsey, inmate number #461685, his Michigan state, and like magic, you can email him within minutes. Or you can write him at this address:


    Victor Lindsey #461685

    Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility

    1727 W. Bluewater Hwy

    Ionia MI 48846