Blog 1 - Dear Readers and Poets –

  • My poems are a reflection of my mood, of my life, within that year, within that moment, at that time I was facing natural life and 24 years for rape and kidnapping and nobody died either.  And I had evidence to support my claim of innocence by D.N.A. ineffective crime lab reports and all!  My public defender, A.K.A. Prison deliverer was a prejudice white women, to a young black man of age 24 years old at the time.  I grew up in foster homes and group homes and was subjected torment and physical abuse by caseworkers and doctors alike forced on medication by the age of 5-years old, in and out of medical institutions as a teenager and homeless by age 16.  Never having a place of my own to call home and abused and beaten by Correctional Officers and given false charges of battery to a Peace Officer.  As I wait for my Appeal of Life in prison I look to bring light to my darkness, and hope to my life, so give me a response to my poems.  And let me know how you feel, hopefully my poems will uplift you, and bring a change of positive to your mood and to your life!  Forever-more K. Devon Robinson.  Enjoy my poems and good luck with me, on this journey from darkness to light, sad to happiness, death to being alive.


    K. Devon!!