Update 9-27-2019

  • Hey, what’s up?  It been a year since I gave my last blog update so here’s what been up with me…

    You now my story and why I am locked up.

    1.  I had 5 cases, now I have only 1 case.  I am still in appeal mode.  It cost me $25,000 for my lawyer but I am getting results.  I have life, my prison term for Criminal Sexual Assault.  But I am sure I will win my appeal and get my case overturned.  When I last left ya’ll I told ya’ll about how I have not seen my daughter in 11 years, but the grace of God I’ve been re-united with my Princess, and my life have lots more light and meaning to me now.  Anyway I’m having more fun with m poem, still bringing the r4ealest, saying what I mean, and meaning what I say.  I just wanna shed some of that warmth from my light, to make whatever darkness is going on in your life, less of a burden so let’s laugh together, write or e-mail each other, because life is what we make out of it, we can live in hurt, or anger, or live in love and peacefulness, it’s your life and you are the only one that can live it.  Peace!!


    Kevin Devon Robinson #R21491


    P.S. You can hit me up on my Android Tablet, which e-mail messages by going to Online at https://web.connectnetwork.com/  or Connect Network mobile app. by calling (888) 988-4768 and don’t forget my webpage on Prison Inmates Online.  It is cheaper to spend $3.00 to message me than international mail.  Stay up!  Peace!!