The Right Path

  • I have talked about being reasonable and even understanding when it comes to dealing with sex offenders as I believe that this is necessary to start on the path to eliminating this crime.  Right now all that we do with our sex offender laws is react to a situation that has already happened.  They do nothing toward prevention.  Even the registration law, while able to readily catch someone after they re-offend does nothing to prevent these crimes.  The only way to do this is through education.


    What I want you to understand is that I believe that anyone who sexually abuses a child, whether it is their own child or not, should not be set loose upon society again unless they have shown the willingness to change.  I believe strongly in this.  Statistics show that the majority of persons who sexually abuse a child and are caught and convicted, sentenced, and obtain treatment never sexually abuse anyone ever again.  But, in my opinion if just one does, it is too much.  In my new understanding, kids are not and should not be statistics.


    Mandatory education and a reasonable approach to those who might offend is the key to stopping this crime.  But that in no way means that I think we should allow those who have offended be allowed to go about as they will.  People who have sexually abused a child must continually monitor their own action and be cognizant of the things that lead them toward the path of abuse, with government help if they cannot do it themselves.  Registration is a good concept and will help catch those who re-offend.  But if you go and check out the percentage of those who do re-offend when it comes to sexually abusing a child, you will find overall it is not as high as you thought.  This fact shows that the majority of people who are convicted of sex offenses each year are not re-offenders, which is a strong advocation for the need to educate everyone concerned.


    Think about it.


    The Unforgiven