Brandon Maxfield's Poetry

  • Mystique Ocean


    The ocean is Far and Vast,

    Nothing to under estimate full of vicious animals/creatures of every kind,

    ranging from docile creatures to the human killers. 

    Breathtaking from sunrise to sunset. 

    To the slightest breeze on the wind to the unpredictable violent storms,

    unfathomable depths which supposedly nothing can live only to be proven wrong,

    with all the unknown creatures still hidden in the deepest darkness,

    even some human beings can relate to all of this Nature lifestyle fighting their own inner turmoil,

    either way that’s how everything revolves around the victims or predators. 

    Ocean within itself can soothe a beast inland or the water world,

    the Beautiful Ocean is the biggest of all of Mother Nature,

    never to be tamed. 

    Always leaving us mystified,

    no matter how many lives get taken

    it just proves the ocean is a Beast and a Beauty.