Kevin Devon Robinson's Poetry

  • That D*** D**k

    That D*** D**k, look what you done?

    Like heroin,

    Like crack,

    Between the crack, within the walls, this D**k has been.

    Long and hard, sweet like candy,

    Smooth caramel, this D**k has been tasted,

    A plague,

    An addiction,

    That drives feins crazy,

    This D**k is a drug,

    That will make you hype,

    Make you sleep,

    Keep you up all hours of the night

    This is the side effect of that D*** D**k,

    That D*** D**k

    That makes women pull at they hair weaves,

    Throw elbows,

    Throw drinks, drag that chick in the streets,

    Beat her a** for messing with your man,

    But let’s be real!!  You don’t give a one-cent f*** about

    that man, but you do care about that D*** D**k.

    An epidemic that started changing men into women

    Just so they can suck, f**k, and play with that D*** D**k.

    An epidemic that started changing women into men

    Just so they can tag team some p**y, with that D*** D**k.

    No matter your race, or gender there’s always a place in the

    World for that D*** D**k.


    Forever more

                                 © 2019  Kevin Devon Robinson