Rodney Warndahl's Poetry


    Being there as my children grow

    Sidewalk restaurants, coffee for two

    Real butter over toast

    Amusement park tours thru afternoon

    Basic freedom to come/go

    Navy uniforms privileged wearing

    Global adventure: destination unknown

    Tendermost caring

    Ocean sunsets rippling crimson-gold

    Phone chats lasting hour on hour

    Dancing (music or no) – close…slow

    Wild flowers

    Kisses won under mistletoe

    Barefoot strolls along tropical beach

    Yard sales, flea markets, antique stores

    Words “thank you” plus “please”

    Correspondence by post

    Sailing the seas; reaching port again

    Merely driving own the road

    August in New England

    Chocolate-dipped ice cream cones

    Joyous tears

    Quiet reflection at home

    Hands held with someone dear

    Opportunity sharing our hearts & souls

    Cozy wool sweaters

    Late weekend eves, attending a show

    Fulfillment true friendship renders

    Help not feeling alone