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  • Blog 6-14-18

  • Blog 8-14-17

    Hello, just me again, so how are you feeling today? If you are fine…then alright , per, si no…then I hope you will feel better after reading this.  On the 22nd of June I got a few stitches in my left arm…hey, did I ever tell you prison is a dangerous place ?!  Anyway, ...
  • Blog 6-24-17

    Hey, it’s been sometime since my last blog and I realize that some of you feel a “ways” about it.  I just ask that you could forgive.  I am aware that empathy isn’t for the faint of heart, so I am only asking you…who have a strong heart.    Puppie...
  • Blog 6-25-2015

    “A good friend is sensational to have in your corner; I am interested in a tall, dark, handsome man, that can excite me” she said.  “Let me make sure I understand you… I get the feeling that you are excited by this tall dazzling man, who’s handsome, that you&rsquo...
  • Blog 6-6-15

    Hey out there, what are you interested in.  I’m always curious about what people are interested in.  What excites you?  EVRY 1 LMK 1UC.  T1A F1TB   “When I’m flirting, I feel….
  • I know people hear it all the time

    I know people hear it all the time about how this guy says he's innocent of his crime. I am -- but what ends up happening down the line... he's proven innocent! My day will come one day and I'll be a somebody to someone. If I was somebody, I would receive material everyday. If I was somebody, m...